5G The Future Is Here – Are you ready for it?

5G – the fifth generation of cellular technology – is about to go mainstream, introducing broadband-like speeds without the wires.

Over the next decade, 5G is set to change the way underserved communities access high-speed data and allow a faster and greater flow of information between devices.

What will 5G Disrupt First?

Home broadband

Broadband speeds of more than one gigabit per second will become a reality with 5G technology – without the need to dig up roads and connect fiber to homes.

So-called fixed wireless access will lower the cost of installing broadband, and those costs will fall further as more households take up the service.

As 5G broadband spreads, its cost falls

When and where will 5G be rolled out first?

5G us hitting the US market first with Asia not far behind, although an escalation in trade tensions could see delays in the rollout of 5G in Greater China. Adoption in Europe will be slower as a result of the region’s high population density and lower-cost broadband infrastructure.

The Long-Term View of 5G

Eventually, 5G will allow machines to communicate with each other almost instantaneously. Its speed and reach could prove game-changing for our increasingly connected world, with use cases ranging from automating factories to boosting the safety of autonomous vehicles.

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