The Best Door Security is Just a Touch Away with 2N IP Verso

The 2N® IP Verso security intercom is configurable to your needs thanks to its modularity. It provides reliable access control and allows you to easily interface with other systems, achieving even higher site security. Now also in black, with a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth module, or touch display.

  • Bluetooth technology
  • Touchscreen
  • Camera with night vision


Get the latest technology in access systems. The Bluetooth module lets you eliminate access codes, entry cards, and key distribution.


Provide maximum access security for your building using modern, completely secure, and reliable access technology combined with luxury design.


Create an intuitive and structured contact list similar to that in your mobile phone. It is water resistant vandal resistant and easy to read even in direct sunlight.


Save time and money for onsite support thanks to our free service. Access all your devices remotely via secured cloud connection. Fastest response to your customer’s requests.


Achieve a greater level of security for all those at its location.2N® IP Verso makes it easy to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons.


Stay informed about everything happening outside your entrance. The 2N® Mobile Video service lets you communicate with your visitors via your mobile phone and the 2N IP intercom installed at your door. You will be available to your visitors at all times with continuous video monitoring of your house entrance. For more information visit

  • Be aware of what is happening outside your house
  • Open the door even when you are not home
  • The most reliable cloud service

By improving overall security, the tenants can live with a noticeably improved confidence that where they live has the best security, thus leading to increased confidence and it also increases the value of their property over time.

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