May 26, 2016

Cloud Based Business Phone Systems

In order to offer our customers BEST-IN-CLASS Business Phone Systems – Advanced Network Connections has the phone solution that you need regardless of what you need.  Now small and medium sized businesses can have the latest phones connected to the cloud offering you an awesome phone solution that can handle everything you need and with cloud-based hosting, which turns your phone system into a unified communications system.

WE have teamed up with several cloud-based providers that can give any business the solution they need now and as their needs grow. ANC can provide state-of-the-art cloud based business phone systems, which include all of the features of an expensive, enterprise level system without the complex and costly-to-maintain equipment. This dynamic solution is fully-hosted by those Providers that work with ANC to give you the best solution day and provide the latest updates as they happen.

By leveraging your broadband Internet connection and the advanced hosted telephone technologies, your organization will quickly realize a  substantial amount of savings on monthly telephone service costs, without compromising on any of the important telephone system features..

Whatever your phone challenges may be – there is a customizable cloud based phone solution we can help you implement to support your business.

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