Benefits of WLAN Implementation in the Warehouse Environment

Wireless local area network (WLAN) is defined as a wireless computer network that links two or more devices using a wireless distribution method. Using a WLAN allows device users to move around within the local coverage area. A typical wireless LAN is comprised of multiple components including a router/ modem, switch/ hub, wireless access points and wireless capable devices such as laptops, tablets or mobile computers. The amount of infrastructure needed will vary depending on the square footage of the facility needing coverage.

Supply chain operations, now more than ever, require wireless networks due to the mobile nature of the workforce. Staff on the move need to communicate, share data and efficiently complete daily tasks. The use of WLANs help to provide seamless connectivity that is critical to the success of warehouse staff. Top tier technology manufacturers such as Ubiquiti Networks provide industry leading WLAN technologies for facilities spanning up to one million square feet.

Let’s explore some of the benefits solutions like theirs can provide.

Functionally robust wireless local area networks can help supply chain operations to improve asset tracking capabilities and reduce order fulfillment periods. Paired with mobile technologies warehouse operators may also increase inventory data accuracy through automated inventory cycle counts. Supply chain businesses can also benefit from WLAN infrastructure flexibility that they otherwise would not receive with wired internet connection. Through voice-over LANs staff with also benefit from improved communication capabilities. These among many others are just a few of the reasons to consider refreshing WLAN technology within your facility.

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