Customized Door Access Security for Condos & Apartments

After fielding multiple complaints that the intercom systems in the client’s older properties were failing, Urban Property Management and the condo association’s board decided it was time to replace the antiquated systems with new, more advanced technology. The challenge was to find a solution that could be aesthetically retrofitted to the multi-unit brownstones and easily used by tenants who might not be very technically savvy.

Should this be two or four? In my head, I was looking at these two condos being two properties, but 4 buildings/brownstones. (3 for Edgar Allan Poe Way and 1 for Appleton). But I could also see it as 4 properties. I just think it’s confusing if we say four properties and two condo boards. For consistency sake, we need to decide how to address it. The way it reads now is 4 properties and two condo boards.


Advanced Network Connections (ANC), an Easton, MA-based technology integrator and Axis Communications/2N partner, recommended that Urban Property install extremely durable 2N® IP Verso audiovisual intercoms from Axis Communications – citing that the devices’ HD camera, crystal-clear two-way audio, modular features, and intuitive operation would be ideal for these locations. All four  properties elected to install a main video intercom unit and provide tenants with the 2N® Mobile Video application for their smartphones. One of the buildings  also added Axis Companion series cameras to their security solution.


The consensus among residents is that the new technology makes them feel safer and in better control over who enters the building. The 2N® IP Verso’s HD-quality audio makes it easier to hear visitors even with the typical background noise of a busy city and the wide-angle, HD camera allows them to visually assess the visitor and the surrounding area before unlocking the door. With the digital touchpad and RFID reader residents now have the option of keyless entry with fobs and pin codes that Urban Property can also program for trusted delivery and service people to use.