Biometric and Thermal Devices in the Workspace

If the past year has taught us anything it is that if you own a commercial building – you’ve had to undergo many transformations to reduce touchpoints in high-traffic areas while improving safety with the treat of COVID-19. With the spread of COVID-19, many businesses have prioritized no-touch physical security with biometric and thermal products.

Biometric and thermal products can add a layer of protection to access control by measuring the physical attributes of a person such as their face. There are now over 170 companies manufacturing body temperature scanning and biometric facial recognition technologies, a sharp increase from 30 companies in 2019.

As more biometric and thermal screening products start to gain popularity and become a standard access control solution, it’s more important than ever to understand the key differences between the two technologies, the range of devices available and when they should be used.

What’s the difference between biometric and thermal?

While both biometric and thermal devices can be used for access control, their purpose is quite different.

Biometric technology – recognizes a person’s unique physical features including their face, fingerprint or iris pattern for a secure and convenient method of authentication. Devices using biometric technology provide stronger authentication methods than a PIN, access cards or physical keys for access control.

Thermal imaging or detection technology can measure a person’s temperature. This technology has become more common and integrated in access control systems for health and safety since COVID-19, which can detect and send alerts when they detect elevated temperatures with employees entering the building or crowded spaces.

Although no thermal solution can detect a virus or diagnose an illness, it serves as a screening tool to enhance safety.

Full range of biometric, thermal and other no-touch solutions

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