What Happens When We Return to the Workplace?

Will your office comply to the new Social Distancing guidelines set by the CDC?

The Covid 19 crisis has turned everything upside down. Now we’ve been working from home, our clients are now asking how they can prepare to bring their people back into the office and keep them safe.

At Advanced Network Connections, we’re ready to help your business meet those challenges and asked that very question – posing the options between home, the company’s workplace, as well as coworking space. Unquestionably, getting your office updated to support your employees in their new work environment and create a safe workplace is a real challenge.

Planning for the “New Normal” In the Workplace

Keep your distance Unless people are wearing face masks, the six-foot social distancing rule should apply in the physical workspace. Employers should remove excess chairs in conference rooms with more than 10 seats. Spread out collaboration seating, so people are spaced further apart. And encourage people to collaborate virtually whenever possible.

Moving Cables – We can re-install cabling in offices and conference rooms to create more space.

Limit tech sharing – To avoid disease transmission, it’s best to provide technology and accessories (such as a mouse, keyboard, or headset) to each individual. We can also help you create an office environment that also eliminates the need for employees to constantly touch their devices throughout the day thereby stopping the spread of Covid 19.

Limiting Tech Sharing – We can help you design a better work environment that’s safe for all.

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Call 508-297-2632, or email snewall@advancednetworkconnections.com for a FREE Site Survey and Estimate by one of our Engineers. Discover how we can help your business and protect your employees with the NEW Social Distancing regulations, for less.  


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