Clear Touch Interactive Display & Software for Business

Advanced Network Connections has joined with Clear Touch Interactive to offer panels that include a comprehensive suite of specialty software that is intuitive and easy-to-learn. Using our software is completely optional, and we don’t require an ongoing subscription after the first year like many of the competitors offering similar interactive panels. When you purchase Clear Touch Interactive panels, you are free to use our software for life – no strings attached.

Collaborate in Perfect Harmony

Clear Touch Interactive® is proud to present Chorus, the business software that brings collaborative voices together. Available exclusively on Clear Touch™ business panels, Chorus expands the reach and effectiveness of your meetings without sacrificing security in the process. Connect with Chorus from any device – Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. It even allows you to access conference tools through plug-ins, which means you can continue using your favorite programs.

Whether you’re conducting a brainstorming session, hosting a remote training demonstration, or marketing your services to potential clients, the software’s intuitive design offers seamless interaction for every participant, regardless of their location or platform.

To find out how your business cans start using the latest from Clear Touch, just CALL (508-297-2632) to set-up a FREE demo at your place of business or
Email @  to find out how you can get this awesome technology.

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