Helpful Tips for Business Security

With expensive technology and other capital assets playing a large role in any business, it’s important you make sure that you have the right security in place to protect employees and your company. Remember there is never too much security when you are talking about protecting your business.

Protecting your business

One of the first points of entry into your business is through the doors or windows. To ensure premises are as secure as possible, have a metal roller doors or bars fitted by Security Direct. These will deter any unwanted intruders from gaining access.

Fitting cameras

If you are going to install a surveillance system to protect your business, you must by law make sure that you have sufficient signage showing that you have cameras fitted and who controls them. You should always keep the footage for 31 days and also keep the camera lenses clean.

External security lighting

In order to adequately protect your business you should also consider external lighting around your business to give you additional advantage in protecting your property. You can buy permanent low-cost infa-red surveillance systems that will detect movement near your premises with the intention of deterring any unwanted people.

Fire alarms

A guide on the website explains how to protect your business from fire. There are certain regulations and fire risk assessments that must be adhered to, so fitting smoke detectors and alarms and working with your local fire service is important, to protecting your business before you have a real emergency.

Protect your computers

In 2018 insurance companies estimated that cyber-crime cost $985 million per year in claims. Using the internet is a daily practice for businesses, which has become a necessity in conducting the day-to-day. That’s why it’s important that you protect your systems with the latest security for both your physical property you’re your computer network.

Using safe passwords

Many companies tend to use the same password for all their computers, but to reduce the chance of being hacked each PC station should have an individual password.

Access control systems

Rather than having a basic lock fitted to your businesses doors, it’s worth purchasing an access entry system that requires a code number or pass card with an individual microchip. This not only deters criminals but also allows you to monitor the movement of staff.

Burglar alarms

Having a burglar alarm fitted is a standard requirement needed by your insurance company and the modern alarm system can do so much more than just ring an annoying bell. You can get instant alerts to your smart phone or home computer and the local police will also receive a warning.

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